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Plain CPP Film for Printing and Lamination
GCL One side corona treated, one side low heat sealable 
Plain CPP Film for Rice Bag Application
GCN One side corona treatment and higher COF at non-treated side 
CPP Film For Tissue Packaging
GCT High Stiffness, Both Side Heat Sealable & Low COF CPP 
High Stiffness & Low COF CPP
GCS-U Both side high slipperiness without corona treatment. Can use for flowers & fruits packaging. 
High Hermitic CPP For Nitrogen Packaging
GCL-N Single Side Low Heat Sealable Cast Polypropylene film with improved hermetic seal properties and one side corona treated. 
Low Heatseal Temperature CPP Film
ExSL Single Side High Heat Sealing Performance Cast Polypropylene film, with one side corona treatment. Very low Seal Initiation Temperature. Suitable for high speed packing packaging. 
Retort CPP Film
ExRC Retortable Cast Polypropylene film with one side heat sealable and one side corona treated.